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Topcons is freely available for academic use. To install it you need a recent version of cmake. Please refer to the README file in the source directory for details.

Source code for TOPCONS and its submethods can be downloaded from our subversion directory:

TOPCONS and many of its submethods use MODHMM for internal HMM-evaluation and training. Its subversion repository can be found at:

Note that
  • The MODHMM package nees to be installed before any of the TOPCONS programs. The path to the installation needs to be made known to TOPCONS, see the README in the source directory for details.
  • The TOPCONS suite also includes the OCTOPUS and SPOCTOPUS predictors featured on
New: We have prepared an installer script that should work for most linux-based systems with just a few minor changes to program paths. It downloads needed source code and other files and compiles using cmake. If nothing else, it can serve as a walk-through for the installation procedure. Download it here.
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