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Methods that predict the topology of helical membrane proteins are standard tools when analyzing any proteome. Therefore, it is important to improve the performance of such methods. Here we introduce a novel method, PRODIV-TMHMM, which is a profile-based hidden Markov model (HMM) that also incorporates the best features of earlier HMM methods. In our tests, PRODIV-TMHMM outperforms earlier methods both when evaluated on "low-resolution" topology data and on high-resolution 3D structures. The results presented here indicate that the topology could be correctly predicted for approximately two-thirds of all membrane proteins using PRODIV-TMHMM. The importance of evolutionary information for topology prediction is emphasized by the fact that compared with using single sequences, the performance of PRODIV-TMHMM (as well as two other methods) is increased by approximately 10 percentage units by the use of homologous sequences. On a more general level, we also show that HMM-based (or similar) methods perform superiorly to methods that focus mainly on identification of the membrane regions.

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